Membership Awards

Membership Awards

All 2019 GCA membership awards will be based on the membership from December 1, 2019 through November 30, 2020.  Postmarks will not be considered.  All winners will be recognized at the 2021 convention.  Junior memberships and associate memberships will count toward total.  Junior memberships will count as 1 point the same as an individual membership. 

Associate memberships will count as:
Tenderloin    10
T-Bone           5
Rib-Eye          3
Sirloin            2



Top New Member Sponsor               
  • Stetson Hat
  • Pair of hand crafted Justin Boots
  • Custom Made, silver GCA belt buckle
  • Free registration and meals for two at the GCA Annual Convention.
  • Recognition Plaque
Sponsor of 50 or more
  • Stetson Hat
  • Custom Made Silver GCA belt buckle
  • Plaque
Sponsors of 20 or more new members          
  • Custom made silver GCA belt buckle
  • Plaque – add a bar for additional years
  • GCA Membership Cap or tote bag for women and a 6-pack collapsible cooler

Sponsors of 10 or more new members*         
  • GCA small belt buckle and Membership Cap or tote bag for women

Sponsors of 5 or more new members          
  • GCA small belt buckle          

*Sponsors of 20 members or more will be recognized at the GCA Annual Convention. Sponsors of 19 members or less, all awards will be mailed to the local chapter president to be given out at the chapter meetings.




The top 3 junior recruiters will receive an embroidered jacket and a savings bond.

The savings bonds will be awarded as follows:  
First Place: $200; Second Place: $100; Third Place: $50 

*A minimum of 15 points must be obtained to receive the jacket and savings bond.




Largest GCA Net Increase 

First Place

  • Plaque at Annual Convention
  • Portable Priefert Squeeze Chute, Sponsored by Fuller Supply and Priefert, (Once a chapter wins the chute they do not qualify to win again for 3 years)

Second Place:  $500
Third Place:   $250

Greatest Percentage Increase

Plaque at Convention

Largest Single County Chapter 

Plaque at Convention

Largest Multi-County Chapter 

Plaque at Convention

Any Increase Over 50 Members 

  • $300 for AV Equipment

The local chapter that has a net GCA membership increase of 5 or more Regular or Associate Members for the previous three consecutive years wins a cash award of $250 per winning chapter.



Georgia Cattlemen’s Jacket to the President or $100 to the chapter presented at Convention.
Awarded to Presidents of each local association with a net membership increase of 5 or more over the previous year.

Membership Contest Rules:

  1. You cannot sponsor your self or your own business.
  2. You cannot call after November 30th and have your name added on a membership as someone’s sponsor.
  3. Postmarks will not be considered.
  4. A member must be lapsed (90 days past renewal date) before you can be considered a sponsor.
  5. Your chapter must be in existence 1 year before qualifying for the contest.

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